Today in the world there are more than five billion mobile phones that are in function. It is the most massive object that man carries with him everyday.

The films made with mobile phones are becoming more and more popular due to the great number of festivals throughout the world that popularize the originality and the esthetics of the “mobile film”.

In the huge number of mobile phone users in the world, including the region and Macedonia there are as many potential “filmmakers.” That was enough motivation and challenge in 2010 to start the Mobile Festival, the first International festival of films shot on mobile phone in Macedonia.

In these five years the festival presented hundreds of films made with mobile phone in the domestic and the international selection. Also Mobile Festival has become part of the huge network of international festivals that promote films made with mobile phone. The films of Mobile Festival get their promotion on the international festivals from around the world, of its kind. One of the winners on Mobile Festival 2011, the film “Everything is money” of Dukagjin Borova took part on the prestigious Mobil Film Festival in San Diego and took the prize for best film that used animation.

As a part of the Mobile Festival programme, every year take place Mobile Festival Workshops. The workshops each year are with different topic and are led by professionals in their field.

Mobile Festival in collaboration with the primary and secondary schools in Skopje organizes Junior Mobile Festival, that gives a chance to the youngest to show their creativity through the new technologies.

Currently Mobile Festival is the only festival of its kind in the region that managed to stay regular. From 2012 the festival becаme a regional and except domestic and international selection there is a selection of films from the region.

Making a movie using your mobile phone is different, but easy. With your own mobile phone you can register events, unexpected situations, you can easily produce your own movie anytime, anywhere. All you need is will. And the idea and the creativity will rise. Therefore use the benefits of that small device which you always carry with you, and record your own film.