Online promotion of film trailers – Editing and Specifications was the topics of the workshop that Macedonian editor Atanas Georgiev had on the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje, as part of the Cinematic program. Students could learn more about trailers as powerful form that helps the film promotion. Trailers from domestic films on which Georgiev worked as an editor were screened – “Mirage” by Svetozar Ristovski, “Cash & Marry” and the cult “Fight Club” by David Fincher. Georgiev explained that the length and layout of the trailer depends on where they are screened and in front of which audience to promote the film. With three shots from the famous “Paris, Texas”, that Wes Anderson won the “Golden Palm” in Cannes in 1984 for, he explained how one trailer can be effectively edited to tells everything about the film.

The Association of Film Professionals of Macedonia in the framework of the program “Cinematic” handed a Lifetime Achievement Award to the cult French editor Jacques Witta. Former Macedonian Ambassador to France Jordan Plevnes handed him the award on Tuesday.
“One editor finds it easier to manipulate images and sound rather than with words. I remember my stay in Macedonia, the welcome, the work, the meeting and the cooperation with exceptional people (I mean Vlado Cvetanovski, Jordan Plevnes and others). This recognition that I bestowed today makes me very happy and revives these feelings” – Mr. Jacques Witta said for the award.
Jacques Witta is a French editor who started working as editor of feature films in the late 50s. He has edited more than 60 feature films and worked with important French film directors like Claude Berri and Jean Becker, but is most known for his collaboration with Krzysztof Kieslowski, which began with “The Double Life of Veronique” and continued with “Three Colors: Blue” and “Three colors: Red”. Jacques Witta won the Caesar Award for editing twice: in 1984 for “One Deadly Summer” and in 1994, “Three Colors: Blue”. Witta also edited “I Am from Titov Veles” by director Teona Strugar-Mitevska, produced in 2007.

Dutch movie “Clean hands” directed by Tjebbo Penning is rewarded with the best editing award from the Cinematic program. The award will go in the hands of the editor Philippe Ravoet. The three-member jury chose the best film from the offer of European productions, in collaboration with the Eye on Films plaftorm. In the Short film program, the award for best film in terms of editing went to Vladimir Radovanović for “Tranquility of blood” by Senad Sahmanovic (Montenegro). French director Thierry Sebban was a guest on our program Cinematic. He talked about his film Pseudonym, and answered questions from the audience. The festival awarded him with Special mention for his first feature film!
Schedule of screenings:
Wednesday, 7th December.
19 h. – Screening of “Pseudonym”, directed by Thierry Sebban (France, Thriller 1 hr. 14 min.)
21.30. – Screening of “Pretenders” by Vallo Toomla (Estonia / Lithuania / Latvia, psychological thriller, 1hr. 42 min.)
Thursday, 8th December.
17.30. – Block short European films selected from more than 600 films received the call for short film “Mobile Festival” (“Carols” by Thanos Psichogios, “Single to London” by Kim Bates, “The Reaper” by Mordue Pictures, “Gloomy Boy” by Reshan Fernando, “The Midnight Shift” by Andreas Kyriacou, “Tranquility of blood” by Senad Sahmanovic, “20 Kicks” by Dimitar Dimitrov and “The lion’s mouth” by Alfonso García lópez)
19 h. – Screening of “Clean Hands” directed by Tjebo Penning (Netherlands, 1h. 48 min.)
21 h. – Screening of “Go Home” directed by Jihane Chouaib (France, Switzerland / Belgium / Lebanon 1 hr. 38 min.)

The seventh edition of “Mobile FilmFestival” continues with a three-day program “Cinematic” which puts the editors in focus. The festival this year wants to pay homage to the editors for their work and address the post-production work on the film, dedication, innovation and quality in the field of film editing and post-production.
“Mobile Film Festival” began as the first international festival of films shot on mobile phone in Macedonia. In the past seven years, with each edition the festival tries to catch up with the time and technology. The program “Cinematic” is related to the mission of the festival.
The program “Cinematic” includes four screenings of feature films in collaboration with the “Eye on Films” from France, the platform to support the first and second feature films by directors. Within this program the Association of Film Producers of Macedonia will award a recognition for best film. Two films will be shown in the two days, in the ‘pocket’ theater in the Youth Cultural Center starting from 7 pm and 9:30 pm.
The program begins on Wednesday at 19 pm with a screening of “Pseudonym”. Special guest is the director Thierry Sebban, who after the screening will answer questions from the audience. Admission is free.
Association of Film Professionals of Macedonia, in cooperation with “Mobile Festival” will grant Lifetime Achievement Award of the cult French editor Jacques Witta. The award was presented on Tuesday in Paris.

Film about the pollution Why? By Murat Zherka wins Ratka Ilievska-Lale Award

With great pleasure we inform you that the 7th edition of International Mobile Film Festival wrapped successfully on 26 November in Macedonian Cinematheque with the award ceremony for best mobile phone films. Mostly young audience, film authors and film fans were present at the ceremony, and had a chance to see a selection of films that were submitted on the festival call.
Three-member jury selected the best authors in five categories. The jury was composed of Vanco Mirakovski, editor, Damjana Ivanovska, filmologist at the Cinematheque of Macedonia and Srebra Gjorgjijevska, journalist. All the participants received certificates of appreciation.
The festival was held with the support of the Macedonian Film Agency, City of Skopje, MEPSO, Cinematheque of Macedonia, Youth Cultural Centre. Also, a deep gratitude to our partners – The Mobile Innovation Network Australasia [MINA] and the creening director and curator Max Schleser and the
International Mobile Film Festival San Diego and the founder & CEO Susan Botello. Two workshops for stop-motion were held within the 7th edition, one for children in cooperation with the festival “Cinedays” and the other in collaboration with the High school “Josip Broz Tito”. Also there were two screenings of children’s films in the Cinematheque of Macedonia, from German and Dutch production.

Here is the list of awarded films:
1. The award for best film “Ratka Ilievska- Lale,” which consists of a scholarship awarded by the University of Audiovisual Arts ESRA Skopje went for the film
Why? – Directed by Murat Zherka
WHY? is the question that this film propounds, and which with its social commitment successfully offers the viewer the response. The film successfully presents the problem of pollution, especially topical today, and offers a successful display of the innocence of children and the approach of the danger that lurks in the teddy bear wearing a gas mask.
Link to film:
2.Award for best film in the domestic programme “Young talents” went to
„Recursion“ – directed by Anastasija Tochevska
„Recursion“ is an intensely mystical-philosophical thinking of the self existence. In the form of question and answer, the young man lost in the woods gets “knowledge” for himself, his existence. The author successfully guides the story in a mystical setting and it gives the “knowledge” to the audience only given to selected people.
3. Award for most inventive film
Sonar– a group of artists from the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg, Germany
Gloomy, inventive and original film
4. Award for most original story
One, Two, Monologues – directed by Blerina Goce from Albania
The socially engaged documentary approach of the author truly represents the misery in which live a lot of marginalized families in Tirana
5. Award for best idea
“Bubbles do not Lie”- directed by Stepan Etrych, Czech Republic
Excellent comedy with a good idea and a successful rate of representation of comic elements will not leave the audience indifferent.


Time: 18:00
Date: 26 November
Location: Cinematheque of Macedonia

1. Assemblage of the stop motion videos made during the two workshops held within Mobile Festival
2. Why? By Murat Zherka
3. Recursion by Anastasija Tochevska
4. Mask by Marija Kekenovska
5. Happiness is Free by Zlatko Dojcinov
6. The Best Zocko Transformation by Zoki Atanasovski
7. One, Two Monologues by Blerina Goce, Albania
8. The Retarded Child by Dimitar Dimitrov, Bulgaria
9. Island Contrast by The Drone Master, Island
10. Bubbles Don`t Lie by Stepan Etrych, Chech Republic
11. Walking Johnnie by Johnnie Semerad, USA
12. Sonar by a group of artists from the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg, Germany

Stop-animation Workshop
Date: 13.11.2016
Location: Youth Cultural Center

A pick in the working atmosphere of the first workshop held as part of Mobile festival dedicated to the youngest fans of the moving pictures. Together with animator Krste Gospodinovski, they learned how to develop a stop motion with modeling clay.The workshop was designed for children and aimed to direct their endless creativity to the process of creating an animated film in stop motion animation technique. Among other things, the learned how to design and create characters from clay, and how to make them functional for animation and in the end, how to animate them. The characters were animated at a previously set ready for recording animation.
Workshop “Through Application to Stop Motion”
Date: 22.11.2016
Location: Josip Broz Tito High School

Hardworking high school students from Josip Broz Tito learnt about stop-motion and they created short videos with smart-phone application. Under the mentor-ship of professors Christina Bitrakova and Angelina Damjanoska-Naumoska, thirty students from third and fourth year are curious to learn more about stop motion and the possibility to create mobile phone films. In collaboration with the University of Audiovisual Arts ESRA Skopje, all interested participants of the workshop will be given a scholarship for education, which will involve reducing study costs by a third, or 30 percent. Their animations will be shown on the closing night of the festival on November 26 at the Cinematheque of Macedonia
The Call for entries for the VII International Festival of Films Shoot with Mobile Phone – Mobile Festival 2016 its officially open. The festival will take place November 15-26, 2016 in Skopje. All films made with a mobile phone that haven`t not previously submitted to the Mobile Festival and are no longer than 10 minutes can apply. The deadline for applications is November 20, 2016. Films that will arrive after the deadline will enter the competition for next year edition. You can submit your film on this email selected films will enter the competition for the following awards:-Award for Best Film “Ratka Ilievska- Lale”
-Award for Most Inventive Film
-Award for Most Original Story
-Award for Best Idea
-Award for Best film in the national program Young TalentsThe production and distribution company KT Film & Media is organizing the festival with the support from the Macedonian Film Agency, the City of Skopje and MEPSO AD-Skopje.
The winners of ‘’Mobil Festival 2015’’
The jury of the 6th edition of the International Festival of films shot with a mobile phone “Mobile Festival 2015”, consist of: Valentino Skenderovski, music producer and professor at ESRA, Besfort Imami -cinematographer and Igor Angelov – actor , have decided to give the Award for Best Film “Ratka Ilievska-Lale” to the film ‘’ Extinct world’’by Borislav Stankov from Bulgaria.
Award for the Most Innovative Film went to ” O FILM O COMECO” by Bruno Pere (Brazil), the Most original story award went to ” CIAO BELLA” by Peter Vadocz (Italija) , the award for best idea was given to ”Born in 2015” by Brice Manneau (Francija)
In the Young Talents program, the award for best film went to ‘’ Breathe deeply’’ by group of authors fro, SUGS’’Josip Broz-Tito’’, and in the same program, for Best Music in film was awarded ‘’ Light Bulb ‘’ by Ivica Shiranovic.Like every year as a part of our collaboration programe, we project films from our partner festivals. Big thanks to Susy Botello director of Mobil Film Festival in San Diego, USA, Max Schleser – Director of International Mobile Innovation Screening (MINA), New Zeland, David Cornado Bahamontes director of CINEPHONE, Barcelona, Spain, Abid Beli Co Founder of Pocket Cinema Festival in Pakistan and many other partner festivals.

MOBILE FESTIVAL 2015 : OPEN CALLL FOR SUBMISSIONVI International Festival of Films Shoot With Mobile Phone – Mobil Festival 2015 announced its call for submissions officially open. The festival, will take place November 25-29, 2015 in Skopje. The right to apply have all films made with a mobile phone and has not been previously submitted to the Mobile Festival. The length of the recorded material may not be longer than 10 minutes. The competition includes all films submitted by the deadline for applications, which is November 20, 2015. Films that will arrive after the deadline will enter the competition for next year edition. You can submit your film trough this link

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„Промоција на филм преку трејлер – Монтажа и специфики“ беше темата на работилницата што македонскиот монтажер Атанас Георгиев ја одржа на ФДУ во Скопје, во рамките на Синематик. Студенти од филмската акaдемија можеа да научат повеќе за трејлерите како форма која многу помага за промовирање на филмовите.

Online promotion of film trailers - Editing and Specifications was the topics of the workshop that Macedonian editor Atanas Georgiev had on the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje, as part of the Cinematic program. Students could learn more about trailers as powerful form that helps the film promotion.
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